Monday, September 15, 2008

Terre Haute Ministries Luncheon

We had an outstanding turnout for our first ever Ministry Luncheon.  It was great to see so many ministry leaders in attendance.  This event gave us the opportunity to share the information about what God is doing through the vessel of Terre Haute Ministries.

In case you were unable to attend, we do have some handouts available.  Please send an e-mail to and we will be sure to get copy in your inbox.  

Vince McFarland communicated the history, formation, and vision of what this organization is all about.  He also extended an opportunity to every Church in Terre Haute to join us on this amazing journey that the Lord has set us out upon.  Vince shared that each Church that participates in the ministry has the opportunity to place a representative on the board, clearly communicating this is a "WORKING" board.  The people that we ask that serve on this board should have a heart for meeting the needs of God's people in a very tangible and hand's on way.

Terre Haute Ministries is determined to fulfill the call that the Lord has placed upon us. We are determined to come together as "The Church", ministering as one Body to meet the needs of our community that are not met by the existing organizations.  It is also our hope to help alleviate not only the suffering in our community but also the burden that is placed on so many organizations.  We desire to assist and strengthen through partnership those that are already serving the needs of our community.

Two important immediate projects were also discussed at the luncheon.  They both relate to the CRWRC team coming into our community to assist us with our needs assessment survey as it relates to flood recovery.  Terre Haute Ministries has asked that each Church place the CRWRC information in their weekly bulletin.  The team will be in the Wabash Valley, going door to door, September 23 - October 2.  

The second project, also relates to the CRWRC and the gift that they our to the Wabash Valley and our efforts in the recovery process.  Their team has requested the cooperation of the local Body of Christ.  They will be taking care of their breakfast and noon time meals, but would like local Churches to consider providing their evening meal.  There are 18 members on their team. Again, please contact Honnalora if your are able to help us honor this request.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Sept 2, 2008 THM meeting

We had a very successful Terre Haute Ministries meeting.  Thanks to all those that attended.  We would also like to thank our guest Michelle Swiger from Lifeline come and share with us what her organization is doing, especially in the area of assisting in flood recovery.

Terre Haute Ministries is growing and getting stronger.  We are looking forward to the luncheon scheduled for Wednesday, September 10th at Maryland Community Church.  If you are an area Pastor, make sure you RSVP by September 8th to reserve your seat. 

Next meeting - October 7th at Hulman Street Wesleyan Church.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

$50,000 Grant Awarded to TH Ministries

During a press conference today, Lorna Kuyk, from the Presbytery of Ohio Valley, handed the grant award check to Pastor Lant Davis.  The grant amount of $50,000 was awarded to Pastor Lant Davis on behalf of Terre Haute Ministries INC.  Pastor Vince McFarland and Rev. Honnalora Hubbard were also at the press conference representing our organization.

We appreciate the efforts of Lisa Long from the Terre Haute Chamber of Commerce and Troy Fears with the United Way.  They assisted us in putting together todays event.  One more opportunity to see the cooperation between the many organizations and the faith based community here in Terre Haute. 

The grant amount is a part of much larger picture.  Terre Haute Ministries INC. has designated the funds to assist the Wabash Valley Long Term Disaster Recovery Coalition bring help and healing to families affected by the June 7th flooding in 5 counties.  The grant amount will be covering, among other things, the newly appointed director's salary,  Our director will in turn be loaned back to the WVLTDRC as the construction, volunteer, and donations coordinator.

We believe this is just the beginning of what the unified Body of Christ can do in bringing not only healing, but restoration into our communities.  It is our responsibility and reasonable service to lead the way in helping the hurting among us, in the name of Christ.

Friday, August 15, 2008

THM INC director heading to Iowa

Pray support requested -

Our director, Honnalora Hubbard, will be heading off to Cedar Rapids, Iowa next week. She has been invited by the Lutheran Disaster Response's Dale and Jean Peercy to attend their construction management training.

This is a wonderful opportunity for THM Inc to send a representative into another community affected by recent natural disasters for several reasons. Honnalora will recieve some excellent training and bring back that knowledge with her to better serve our community. She will also be meeting with the local long term recovery group as well as the faith based community to find out what is working in the area they are serving.

The benefit doesn't stop there. Honnalora will be rolling up her sleeves and pitching in to assist in their volunteer efforts. Please be in prayer for THM Inc, Honnalora, and the community of Cedar Rapids Iowa.

An Invitation to Area Ministry Leaders

From our Chairman - an open invitation.

August 5, 2008

Co-Laborers in Christ,

I am thrilled about the progress of Terre Haute Ministries! Energy and enthusiasm are mounting as my fellow pastors envision what could be in Terre Haute. Many of us have dreamed of the day when all the congregations of our city joined together in taking care of the unmet needs of the hurting people of our community. That day is on the horizon!

The launch of Terre Haute Ministries will take place on two different days, September 10 @ 11:30 am and September 11 @ 6:30 pm. The vision and objectives of THM will be shared at Maryland Community Church on these two days. You may choose which meeting to attend. All you need to do is RSVP @ 234-7100 or by Sept. 8.

This meeting is for pastors and one ministry leader from each congregation. Information will be shared about how your congregation can join Terre Haute Ministries and be a part of what God is doing in our city.

We all know the challenges of meeting the many needs of people. Any one congregation or any one faith based ministry cannot meet these needs. It is time for all of us to cooperate, communicate and coordinate as the church in Terre Haute.

You will have an opportunity to meet the Director of Terre Haute Ministries, Rev. Honnolara Hubbard. I am thrilled to have her come on board and lead this great ministry. THM needs you! We are the hands and feet of Jesus in our city, let’s join together to make Him famous and honored by our service.

In His Service,
Dr. Vince McFarland
Chairman Terre Haute Ministries

Organizations Executive Summary

Terre Haute Ministries, Inc.

Executive Summary

Structure. Terre Haute Ministries, Inc., ("THM") was organized in 2008 as an Indiana nonprofit corporation. THM’s members are Christian churches and similar Christian religious organizations located in the Terre Haute area, each of which may designate up to two persons to serve on THM’s board of directors. The board of directors, in turn, elects the officers of THM, who conduct the daily business of the organization.

Origin. In 2006 former Terre Haute Mayor Kevin Burke called local religious leaders to a meeting and issued a challenge—that the religious community begin to seek unity in service to Terre Haute. Pointing out that local business leaders had begun to achieve important civic successes when they decided to cooperate with one another, he expressed the hope that religious organizations could follow their example. Beginning with a small group that gradually grew, several local ministers began to discuss and to pray about possible responses to the Mayor’s challenge.

Community ministry organization. Research led to a type of organization that has proven very successful in other towns and cities. Called a "community ministry organization," it is characterized by broad-based membership among religious congregations, who support the organization and its missions with resources and volunteers. The particular activities of these organizations vary according to local conditions, but generally they address the needs of persons for food, housing, utilities, healthcare, employment skills, and the like. The basic purpose of such organizations is to demonstrate that religious congregations can overcome their doctrinal differences and can unite to meet human need, a mission held in common by many faith traditions. By helping churches to communicate with each other and to coordinate and track the relief that is provided, THM believes it can reduce program overlap, make services more accessible, and increase the likelihood that persons receive the assistance they need.
THM membership. At the organizational stage, the membership of THM included the following faith traditions: United Methodist, Wesleyan, Missionary Baptist, Southern Baptist, Catholic, non-denominational community churches, Assemblies of God, Salvation Army, Christian Church (independent), Congregational, Presbyterian, and Episcopalian. Now that THM is organized, the next step will be to recruit other churches—from these groups and from other Christian traditions—as members. Although the membership of THM currently is comprised of Christian churches, THM hopes that it will have opportunities to cooperate with other religions in meeting human needs.

Next steps. Throughout the remainder of 2008, the officers and directors of THM will be engaged in three main efforts: (1) applying for recognition as a corporation exempt from federal income taxation under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code; (2) recruiting as many churches as possible to the membership of THM; and (3) assessing the needs of the Terre Haute area and determining what ministries are the best "fit" for THM. Terre Haute is blessed with many organizations that provide social services and relief, yet it is clear that there is still much work to be done. THM intends to be a good partner with these existing agencies and to be a catalyst for even greater cooperation among them.